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Bamboo Plantation Details
Special Characters
  • Fast Growing
  • High Biomass
  • Thornless
  • Community Farming
  • Thick walled
  • Non-Flowring

No.of Plants Per Acre
  • 800 Nos.


Drip Irrigation with Fertigation

Average yielding under good Environment and crop Management:

  • 3rd year : 20-25 Tonnes/year
  • 4th year : 25-30 Tonnes/year
  • 5th year : 30-35 Tonnes/year
  • 6th year : 35-40 Tonnes/year
  • 7th year : 40 & Above/year

Continuously for 100 years

The harvest of Bali Bamboo starts after 2 years (24 months). By then the Bamboo would have grown to a size of 3 Inches in the bottom and 1 ½ in the top with a height of 20ft. Each Culm weighing 6 to 10 Kgs.

Under Ideal conditions, the first year on an average 7 to 8 poles are harvestable, which amount to 30 Tonnes of dry biomass weight 10 to 12% moisture.

Proposed Application

Pulp or Raw Material supply to Paper Industries: ITC Bhadrachalam / Sirpur - Kagaj Nagar / Andhra paper Mills, /Coastal Paper Mills, Rajahmundry / Tamilnadu paper Mills Ltd, Chennai/Karnataka New Print

Biomass for Power Projects

Construction Industry, Bamboo mandis,

Carbon Sequestration

“Bali Bamboo is a Specially breed variety by a world Well Known Bamboo Experts, which has a Potential to grow very fast and yields very high Bio-mass due to its fact that the wall thickness of “Bali Bamboo: is 3 times more than other Bamboo.

The Carbon Content of Bali Bamboo is between 46% to 48%. The Total Accumulation every year after 5 years of growth is from 18 to 23 Tons per Acre. The Production under Optimum Conditions reaches 40 to 50 Tonnes per Acre, which is equivalent to 69 to 80 Tons per Acre respectively.

Carbon Sequestration also obtained by generating from the renewable Biomass of bamboo. One acre of Bamboo produces sufficient biomass to produce 45 MW of electicity through gasification method.

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